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Community Support

In the spirit of open source, contains a number of free community resources to facilitate discussion and support among users. This site is for you, the WebGUI community, and relies on your participation for its livelihood. We encourage you to contribute and participate often.

WebGUI Primer

The WebGUI Primer is available as a free PDF download. The Primer contains approximately 150 pages of getting started instructions for content managers. It is a simple guide to the user interface for adding, editing, and publishing content in WebGUI. A Dutch translation of the Primer is also available in the bazaar.


Plain Black has released a library of free WebGUI related videos, many with supplemental downloads. Content ranges from past WebGUI Users Conferences to community video contributions. Over 150 videos are currently housed in WebGUI TV.

Community Wiki 

The Community Wiki is a place to share information with community members. It is our hope that the community makes the wiki its own by frequently contributing and updating content. The wiki covers a wide range of WebGUI related topics, from installation tips to advice on becoming active in the community. If you need information, visit the wiki. If you've learned something new, benefit others by posting your own article.

If you are new to our community, these wiki articles may be helpful:

WebGUI Forums 

WebGUI Forums are available for WebGUI related discussion and community support. Bounce around ideas, discuss important issues, and ask community members for help and advice. WebGUI Forums are broken up into:


The WebGUI IRC channel is a great place to discuss your ideas with other WebGUI developers and community members. Join us on irc://

IRC chats are logged each month, so if you feel like you missed something you can look back to see previous IRC chats.

Plain Black does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding the information you find within these resources. If you are looking for commercial support there are several commercial support programs available.

WebGUI Worldwide

WebGUI Worldwide (W3) is a network of sites providing WebGUI resources. Sites listed in W3 range from free community support in several languages to commercial hosting and professional services providers.

WebGUI Sightings

Sometimes people just want to see examples of sites built in WebGUI in order to get a feel for its capabilities. WebGUI Sightings is a collection of hundreds of WebGUI sites spotted around the Internet. Take some time to browse through and you'll see how flexible WebGUI is!

The Black Blog 

Want to know the current state of WebGUI and where it's headed? Look no further than The Black Blog. It's the personal blog of Plain Black President and WebGUI creator, JT Smith. Each week he covers all sorts of different WebGUI related topics and he's always interested in getting feedback from members of the WebGUI community!

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