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These are our responses to some of the more commonly asked questions about the WRE. If you are having problems installing the WRE, please see WRE Troubleshooting for help.

Single Site Install

One of the most common questions we receive is "I only have one site, can I use the WRE, and how do I set it up?"

The answer is, "Of course you can!". We're not sure why we get this question, but the answer is very simple. It doesn't matter whether you have only one site or 1000 sites, you set up the WRE in exactly the same way. The only difference is that you'll only run the addsitescript once (for your first site). There's no custom configuration, there's no reason to disable any of the WRE's complex features.

Trust us, you'll thank us later if you just follow the same procedure everyone else does. Not doing so could mean that your upgrade path for the WRE will break. In addition, you may have only one site now, but that doesn't mean you won't have more in the future! 

I Already Have X

People often say "I already have Apache," or "I already haveMySQL", which is followed up with the question, "Can I use it with the WRE?"

Sure you can, but it's completely unsupported and we'd never recommend doing that. Our question to you is, why would you want to? The WRE is tuned specifically to be a high performance environment for WebGUI. Why would you want to mess that up so you can continue to use your old crusty version of Apache or MySQL or whatever?

We highly recommend just porting your old sites and data over to use the WRE. You can run static HTML sites. Just create a modproxy config filein the /data/wre/etc folder for the static site. Instead of having all the fancy rewrite rules in it, the modproxy config file will look almost identical to what your current virtual host looks like.

If you absolutely must continue running your old web server and/or mysql server then we highly recommend running them on different ports (82 for apache, and 3307 for mysql). Then you can create a modproxy virtualhost in the WRE to proxy in the content to the WRE apache server.

MySQL InnoDB Support 

MySQL is, by default, configured without support for InnoDB tables. If you need InnoDB support for linked database tables, you will need to make changes based on the Operating System you are using.


WebGUI does not support Windows. Plain Black recommends using the VMWare Appliance for Windows installs. (

Linux/Unix/Mac OS X

  1. Download the WRE source.
  2. Edit, removing the option without-innodb from the mysql configure script execution call
  3. Compile the WRE from source

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