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WRE 0.7.2 on Ubuntu Server Edition 7.04 Feisty


This is a guide to install the WRE version 0.7.2 on a clean system with Ubuntu Server Edition 7.04 (Feisty). 


  • A computer that will serve as your server
  • A writable CD
  • An internet connection
  • resolvable host name for your new website

Overview of what this guide covers:

  1. Download Ubuntu
  2. Install Ubuntu
  3. Upgrade and update Ubuntu
  4. Install an ssh server
  5. Download the WRE
  6. Unpack the WRE
  7. Create a mysql system user
  8. Run the WRE setup program
  9. Setup crontabs
  10. Start the WRE and add your website

Download Ubuntu server edition

  1. Go to the ubuntu website download page and download the 7.04 server iso.
  2. Burn the CD to a CD with your favorite CD burning package.

Install Ubuntu

  1. Insert the CD and boot the system.
  2. Choose to install
  3. Follow the installation instructions on screen and make sure networking works with a proper connection to the internet.

Update and upgrade Ubuntu

After you have installed ubuntu we have to make sure it is up-to-date, to do this we do:

  1. sudo apt-get update
  2. sudo apt-get upgrade

There is probably a new image available too, so after all the automatically installed updates we do:

  1. sudo apt-get install linux-server

This installs a new kernel for you.  Then we reboot:

  1. sudo shutdown -r now  

Install an ssh server

Since installing and configuring all of WebGUI using a console isn't really easy with copying and pasting stuff, we now install an ssh server so we can access our server remotely.

  1. sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Then we login to our server from another computer to see if it works (use putty if you are using Windows).

  1. ssh

Now that we have an easy way to access the server from our desktop we can proceed to really install the WebGUI Runtime Environment.

Download  the WRE

First, create a data directory on your new server and change its ownership to your own user.

  1. sudo mkdir /data
  2. sudo chown myusername:mygroupname /data

Now go to the download page, click on the Linux, Mac, UNIX, BSD link to go to the Sourceforge Download page.

Click on the WRE 0.7.2 ubuntu feisty file to download, and click 'cancel' when your browser asks to save the file. Instead, copy the direct link and paste it in your ssh session after typing 'wget'.

  1. cd /data
  2. wget http://mirrorserver/sourceforge/pbwebgui/wre-0.7.2-ubuntu-feisty-7.04.tar.gz

After downloading that file, witch could take a while, depending on your internet connection, we can unpack it.

  1. tar -zxvf wre-0.7.2-ubuntu-feisty-7.04.tar.gz

Create a mysql system user

So we can use that in for running the wre:

  1. sudo useradd --group --system --no-create-home mysql

Make the mysql user recursively own /data/wre/prereqs/mysql

  1.  sudo chown -R mysql:mysql /data/wre/prereqs/mysql

Run the WRE Setup program

  1. cd /data/wre/sbin
  2. sudo ./setup

Setup crontabs

Create a file in  /data/wre/etc called crontab that contains:

0 1 * * * /data/wre/sbin/logrotate
*/3 * * * * /data/wre/sbin/wremonitor
0 3 * * * /data/wre/sbin/backup
0 2 * * * /data/wre/prereqs/awstats/tools/ now -awstatsprog=/data/wre/prereqs/awstats/wwwroot/ -configdir=/data/wre/etc

Then run:

  1. sudo crontab /data/wre/etc/crontab 

Fix known issues

First install the Weather::Com::Finder module:

  1. sudo -i (to go to root interactive mode)
  2. . /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment
  3. cpan (<ENTER> til you get a prompt> )
  4. force install Weather::Com::Finder
  5. exit

Then fix spectre.conf

  1. vi /data/WebGUI/etc/spectre.conf
  2. :41
  3. shift-a
  4. ,
  5. ESCape
  6. :wq

Start the WRE and add your website

Add the wre to the startup of your system:

  1. sudo ln -s /data/wre/sbin/rc.webgui /etc/init.d/webgui
  2. sudo update-rc.d webgui defaults

Now lets start the wre:

  1. sudo /etc/init.d/webgui start


 <SynQ> I'm struggling with wre 0.7.2 now
<SynQ> but I guess you are not really interested in that
<SynQ> it seems ubuntu doesn't recognize the 'source' command
<rizen> yeah
<rizen> someone said that if you edit the first line of
<rizen> the /data/wre/prereqs/mysql/share/mysql/mysql.server script
<rizen> to be #!/bin/bash
<rizen> that fixes it
<SynQ> ok, lets try
<SynQ> that is not in the wiki btw :)

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