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WebGUI Runtime Environment

The WebGUI Runtime Environment is a compilation of all the WebGUI prerequisites into a simple preconfigured package. The WRE is the recommended installation platform for all production WebGUI servers. In addition, it provides many useful utilities for administering your WebGUI sites, as well as several performance enhancements over other types of installs.

It includes all of WebGUI's prerequisites:

  • Apache
  • mod_perl
  • MySQL
  • Perl
  • Image Magick
  • Required Perl Modules

It also includes these features to make managing WebGUI easier:

  • Site Add/Remove Scripts
  • Web Site Statistics (AWStats)
  • Web Site Encryption (OpenSSL)
  • Log Rotation
  • WebGUI Update (automatically upgrade WebGUI)

And these performance enhancements to make WebGUI faster and more reliable:

  • HTTP Data Stream Compression (mod_deflate)
  • Reverse Proxy (mod_proxy)
  • Process Size Monitoring (Apache2::SizeLimit)
  • Pretuned Apache Configuration
  • Pretuned MySQL Configuration

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