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WebGUI Glossary

Everything inside of WebGUI is an Asset: files, images, forums, threads in forums, posts in threads, templates, Wobjects (like Articles, DataForms, EventsCalendars) and more. Assets come in three types, Utility, Container and Assets (for lack of a better name). Regular old Assets are those assets that are dealt with on a daily bases, such as Articles, File Piles, Data Forms and Collaboration Systems.

Container Assets
Container Assets are those Assets which contain other Assets, like Folders, Pages and Dashboards. Collaboration System and Event Calendar Assets are not considered Container Assets even though they do contain other Assets (Posts and Events, respectively).

An image displaying a message along with lines or shades that make it hard for a computer to do character recognition. Used in WebGUI to prevent accounts from being created by programs or spiders.

If Posts and Threads are "locked", no new posts can be added and no existing posts can be edited.

Macros are used to create dynamic content within content that would otherwise be unchanging. For example, showing today's date, or the name of the user on a page can be done with Macros.

The validity of a password in WebGUI depends on what kind of authentication system is used. If the default, WebGUI authentication, is used, passwords may be made of any characters so it meets the minimum length set by the Administrator.

make sticky
If Posts and Threads are set to being "sticky", they will appear at the top of the Forum listing.

UI level
For WebGUI Content Managers and Admins, the Asset and Wobject edit screens can be configured to make them easier to use, based on each user's UI level. The UI level can be altered by Admins in the user's profile. Users added to the Admin group have their UI level automatically set to 9 to give them full access to the site controls.

WebGUI usernames cannot start or begin with any kind of space (spaces, tabs, etc.) and can only be made of letters, numbers, or dashes, underscores, periods, commas or @ signs.

Utility Assets
Utility Assets are those Assets which are not normally used in content management, but have various uses inside of WebGUI. Utility Assets include RichEditors (which are used for entering content), Templates (used for styling content) and File and Image Assets.

Version Tag
Every version in WebGUI is assigned a tag. In the default version control setup, the tag is the date and time the tag was requested.

If you think of Assets as "things" inside of WebGUI, then Wobject are "things" that "do stuff". Articles are used to display content, DataForms are for collecting data from users (and optionally emailing a copy), and Message Boards hold forums for users. There are many different Wobjects in WebGUI.

Pre-Configured Wobjects.


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