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WebGUI Community Booths

Throughout 2008, Plain Black Corporation sponsored and exhibited at several high profile conferences and expos. This campaign was extremely successful in drawing in large crowds and promoting WebGUI to a broad audience.

Because of this success, Plain Black is hitting the road in 2009 and will be promoting WebGUI at several conferences and expos. In addition, the 2009 campaign has expanded and our community members will be able to help promote WebGUI as well!

Most conferences and expos provide free booths for open source communities that apply. These booths give members a place to promote their software and community. This is an extremely valuable tool since visitors can learn about WebGUI from real people in the community.

Below is a list of conferences/expos that provide free booths to open source communities. If you are interested in promoting WebGUI at one of these venues, please contact us. In addition, if you are aware of other events which are not listed here, please update the WIKI with the event and the details. Thanks!

So Cal Linux Expo (SCALE 7X)
Westin LAX Hotel - Los Angeles, CA
February 20-29, 2009
Status: Application available. Application pending.

OSCON 2009
San Jose, CA
July 20-24, 2009
Status: Application not available yet

Open Source World (formerly LinuxWorld Expo)
Moscone Center - San Francisco, CA
August 11-12, 2009
Status: Application not available yet

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