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Upgrade WRE (v0.8.x+)

The following information is drawn from wre/docs/upgrade.txt.

WARNING: 0.8.4 does not include a wreupgrade procedure, please wait for WRE 0.8.5 before upgrading.

NOTE: There is no upgrade procedure from versions prior to WRE 0.8.0 to 0.8, as WRE 0.8 is a complete rewrite of the system. To upgrade you must remove the old WRE and install a completely new one. Specific instructions for the process are on the Migration To WRE 0.8 page.

To upgrade the WRE follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the new version.
  2. Set your envionrmnent
    source /data/wre/sbin/
  3. Shutdown your existing WRE.
    perl /data/wre/sbin/ --stop all
  4. Extract the new WRE over the top of the old one.
  5. Run /data/wre/sbin/
  6. Watch the output of It will tell you if you have any templates that are out of date.
  7. Read the following files to make sure there aren't any new instructions:
  8. Start the WRE.
    perl /data/wre/sbin/ --start all

Announcement: WRE 0.8.4 Errata

In WRE 0.8.4 the prerequisite Perl modules for Exception::Class are missing. This causes mod_perl not to start, and makes it look like Exception::Class is not installed. WRE 0.8.5 will be out the week after the WUC (next week) to fix this problem. However, until then you can very easily fix it yourself.

Install WRE 0.8.4 as normal. Then enter CPAN and install the appropriate perl modules:

> install Devel::StackTrace
> install Scalar::List::Utils (when I tried this, cpan didn't know what this package was, so I installed Scalar::Util and List::Util)
> install Class::Data::Inheritable
> quit


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