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Unlock Version Tag

When you are in admin console >> version tag >> manage pending version

Roll over the tag you want to unlock and get the tagId from the link then run the command below from command line or GUI

update assetVersionTag set islocked = 0 where tagId = ?

Once you have the version tag unlocked you can switch the workflow it uses to commit.


This happens sometimes when you tell WebGUI to commit "Commit Content Immediately" and still ask for approval. If the email never gets sent then you can't get the link to approval the version tag.

The link could possible look like..;workflowInstanceId=?;tagId=?

To get your workflowInstanceId in the database do a command like this.

SELECT workflowInstanceId FROM assetVersionTag where tagId = ?

This will be your workflowinstanceid. Then you can create the link above and hopefully commit your tag

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