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Subscriptions allow you to sell your users group access on a subscription basis. To sell content to your users, set the content to be viewable by a certain group, then set that group to be used by the subscription. When a subscription expires for a user, the user is expired from the subscription group. The expiration for a subscription group and a subscription should match.

Subscriptions require the Commerce system to be setup in the admin console. Shipping must currently be enabled (even if you're not shipping anything) because it's used to determine the tax rate.

Subscriptions can call a perl script using the "Execute on subscription" field. Enter the full path to your perl script.

  1. Configure Commerce settings in the Admin Console, enable shipping.
  2. Create groups for your subscriptions.
  3. Create subscriptions and assign them to groups, using the Subscription admin console interface.
  4. Use the SubscriptionItem(<assetId>) macro in an asset capable of macro execution (a snippet, for instance) to display a list of subscriptions.

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