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Simplifying WebGUI for End-users

WebGUI can be somewhat overwhelming when a user first encounters the admin console and admin toolbar. The purpose of this wiki entry is to share some ideas and techniques to make WebGUI a little less intimidating to new users.

Assign Users to Groups 

Adding a new user to the Content Manager group reduces the amount of icons in the admin toolbar/console. It also offers more control over what a user can do, since permissions are group based in WebGUI. When you do this, check the group permissions on the site. Can this group edit the articles and other assets it needs to? You can test this easily by checking the security tab for the entire branch from the root of the site and 'becoming' the user in question. Try editing and publishing changes. 

Remove Unused Assets 

You can also comment out unneeded assets on a per-site basis, by editing the configuration for each site. Doing so, removes the extra, unused assets from the admin toolbar. This configuration file is located in /data/WebGUI/etc. You can always add assets back by uncommenting them in the site's configuration. 

NOTE: When editing this file, just make sure the last uncommented line in the Assets area does not have a comma at the end.  This will cause mod_perl to fail to start.  Mod_perl needs to be restarted after this file is edited in order to see changes.

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