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Setting up the WRE when your ISP block port 80

Many broadband ISPs do not offset static IPs and also block port 80 traffic.  This can make running WebGUI at home hard.

Here's one solution for getting around this problem.

  1. Go and register NO-IP, which will keep track of your changing IP address and always broadcast the current IP for your domain.  Have them translate all port 80 traffic to some high port number.
  2. Set up your home firewall/router to translate that port number back down to port 80.
  3. If you have a standalone webserver, also have the router forward that port to your webserver.
  4. When you setup the WRE, change the RewriteUrl line in your domain's mod_proxy.conf file to refer to your webserver by its IP address instead of its domain name.  This will prevent round tripping back out through the firewall.


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