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Reporting a bug

Bugs are reported in the Report a Bug section.

Reporting a bug 

When you report a bug, always:

  1. Be as complete and exhausting as possible
  2. Write an accurate but short version of what the bug is exactly in the Subject
  3. Choose a severity. Be conservative in this, every bug is important to the one who is submitting it, but that doesn't mean you have to label it as fatal.
  4. Choose where the bug occurs.
  5. Specify which version of WebGUI and or WRE you are using
  6. Specify what platform you are using to run WebGUI on
  7. Specify any special configuration you are using
  8. Specify the exact conditions that make the bug occur

And if possible, include:

  1. Your guesses at what is causing the bug
  2. Snippets of code defined with the [ code ] and [ /code ] tag (without the spaces).
  3. Specify how to reproduce the behaviour (if possible)


When you have reported a bug you can track it's status by subscribing to it.

When you go to it's page you can view:

  1. how many times anyone has viewed your bug
  2. how others rate your bug
  3. if the bug is open or closed (developers can close bugs, once closed they disappear from the bug's list). 

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