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Override Core Modules

This process has been simplified to just having to edit preload.custom and adding your path(s) that you'd like to have included. Be sure that your modperl.conf is sourcing preload.perl to ensure this works.


If you need to edit one of the WebGUI core modules, a safer way of doing this that will be upgrade-proof is to add an additional directory for your overrides. In the example below, I've suggested creating a site_lib directory in the WebGUI root.

  1. Create site_lib directory in /data/WebGUI
  2. Edit preload.perl  (WebGUI/sbin/)
  3. Add 'unshift (@INC, $webguiRoot."/site_lib");' to the BEGIN block after the existing unshift that adds the standard lib path
  4. Create directory hierarchy in this new folder and add custom libraries

For more details see the forum discussion "Safer Hacking of WebGUI Core".

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