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Login Toggle Macro

^LoginToggle; or ^LoginToggle();
Displays a "Login" or "Logout" message depending upon whether the user is logged in or not. You can optionally specify other labels like this: ^LoginToggle("Click here to log in.","Click here to log out.");. You can also use the special case ^LoginToggle(linkonly); to return only the URL with no label.

As a third parameter you can optionally use another template by using the template url. Example: ^LoginToggle("Click here to log in.","Click here to log out.","/url/to/your/template");

This Macro may be nested inside other Macros if the text returned does not contain commas or quotes.

These variables are available in the LoginToggle template:

The URL to login or logout.

The Internationalized label for logging in or logging out (depending on the state of the macro), or the text that you supply to the macro.

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