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Karma macro

Not checked/Incomplete, please help make this wiki better!!)

At this moment there are two karma macros available:

^Karma(); 1
This macro will allow you to display karma from the current user's account or profile.

The karma will be displayed in the default message: You have 635 karma.
By entering a string containing %d, you can display an alternate message. You cannot use the komma.
e.g. ^Karma(%d Karma Kameleon, you come and go); will display: 635 Karma Kameleon

This macro may or may not be nested into other macros.??

^Karma(); 2

The second karma marco allows you to display the karma of other users than the current user by entering the user id.

^Karma(^#;); should then show the current user id.

SQL query

The SQL query which is inside the Macro:

  • select karma from users where userId=?

This information is outdated, it uses the API statement:


Probably this will essentially be the same sql query, but it is not in the macro anymore


Karma accuracy

Currently Karma is displayed with 6 decimals. This can be altered  in the database Thread table. Change float(11,6) to float(11,0) to get integers.

The karma macro 1 can be found in the bazaar: here.

The karma macro 2 can be found in the bazaar: here.

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