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Installing WebGui sources on ubuntu server 7.10

On a fresh install of ubuntu server 7.10, add the following packages:

apt-get install ssh
apt-get install mysql-server

 /usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password 'newpassword'

apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-perl2

apt-get install libapache2-mod-apreq2

apt-get install imagemagick libgraphics-magick-perl

 apt-get install libungif-bin libungif4-dev

apt-get install libexpat1-dev

 mkdir -p /data

 tar zxvpf webgui-7.4.21-stable.tar.gz

mv WebGUI/ /data/

 cd /data/WebGUI/etc

cp log.conf.original log.conf

touch /var/log/webgui.log

chown nobody /var/log/webgui.log

cd /data/WebGUI/etc

cp spectre.conf.original spectre.conf

cd /data/WebGUI/sbin

apt-get install unzip build-essential libnet-ssleay-perl libauthen-sasl-perl libarchive-tar-perl libarchive-zip-perl libfile-temp-perl

apt-get install libtest-mockobject-perl libmail-mboxparser-perl libxml-simple-perl libsoap-lite-perl liblog-log4perl-perl libnet-ldap-server-perl libhtml-highlight-perl

apt-get install libhtml-tagfilter-perl libhtml-template-perl libhtml-template-expr-perl libxml-rsslite-perl libjson-any-perl libtext-csv-perl

apt-get install libnet-subnets-perl libfinance-quote-perl libdata-structure-util-perl libapache2-request-perl libcolor-calc-perl libtext-aspell-perl libweather-com-perl

apt-get install perlmagick libtie-ixhash-perl libtie-cphash-perl


After that run to find out the missing perl modules and install it with cpan. 



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