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How to get passthruUrls to work

This seems to be a popular question - so figured I'd add my answer to the Wiki.

Every directory or file that you want to pass through must be clearly defined in two places:

1) webgui.conf

You must add it into the list in your webgui.conf like so:
  "passthruUrls" : [  "/images" ],

2) your apache site config

Inside your <VirtualHost> section you will need

        <Location /images>
          SetHandler None

You then create your "images" site folder at


You will need to restart WebGUI once you've done this.

If you also want to have the ability to run non-WebGUI CGI scripts, this can be accomplished by adding the folowing

<Directory "/data/domains/[mydomain]/public/[sitefolder]/cgi">
Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl

This assumes that your CGI parent [sitefolder] has been defined as specified above.  Again, you will need to restart WebGUI after making this change.

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