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Creative use of built in Assets to minimize the need for programming

One of the main aspects of WebGUI is powerful templating. With templating you can make built-in assets do more than what they where intended to.

 For example I use the collaboration asset to publish news on my site. The user does not know this. Each news category like technology and business gets it own page and in each page I put the collaboration asset. I allow only content managers to add to the asset and in the template remove all collaboration features from the normal user side. What remains is a list of news in chronological order. With this I use the recentpostsmacro( in bazaar not in webgui core ) to display the recent news on other pages.

I also use recentposts to give my users improved RSS by putting it in a snippet, changing the mime type and changing the template of recentposts such that it outputs an RSS feed with images and with limitations on number of RSS items both of which are not supported in the main RSS system.

An article is not just an article, it is anything where you need some text, optionally an image and/or an attachment. For example each article can be used to describe a downloadable file (the attachment in this case) where the image is the screen shot for the file.

Do not limit yourself with the current names of the assets: if you know each and every template variable of the asset you will with time know how you can mould the asset to mimic needed functionality without needing to program new assets.

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