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WebGUI Search errors  (#4018)

The WebGUI search system is not working as expected when doing boolean searches using filtering ('-'). It appears to me that it is building incorrect queries. To replicate this report, perform the following search (excluding quotes):

 '+news -latest'

You will receive results with the term 'latest' which is not the desired behavior. I turned on the query log on my local server and found that the query that is being built by WebGUI includes the following SQL:

(match (keywords) against ('+\"+\'\'news\"* +\"-\'\'latest\"*' in boolean mode))

This query is incorrectly including the keyword "latest" in the search results.

I modified the query as below which correctly excludes assets with the "latest" keyword:

(match (keywords) against ('-\"\'\'latest\"* +\"\'\'news\"*' in boolean mode))


I don't know what the correct query should be, but the bottom line is that the search asset currently is not working as advertised.

------ EDIT ----------

Further monkeying with the WebGUI search queries has yielded the following successful version of the above search terms (again, eliminate the single quotes from my query example):

 '"news" -latest'

This gives the expected output. Here's the relevant part of the SQL query that was generated:

  (match (keywords) against ('\"news\" -latest' in boolean mode))

That looks like a much more sane search than the one produced above.

------ EDIT #2 ----------

I can't seem to leave this alone. I think, though, that I've narrowed down the problem to the section of WebGUI::Search->search() which handles appending the wildcard character to the end of search terms. If you perform the search as follows, you get the desired results:

  '+news* -latest'



Knowmad Technologies

Solution Summary
8/7/2008 9:29 am

I'm working on this.


8/7/2008 10:20 am

fixed in 7.5.19

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Submitted Byknowmad 
Date Submitted2008-08-07 
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Date Assigned2020-02-22 
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Severity Critical (mostly not working)  
What's the bug in? WebGUI Beta  
WebGUI / WRE Version 7.5.18  
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