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URL Extensions  (#3495)

The URL isn't showing up for any assets that I have added.  Pages, Articles, Collaboration systems, CS posts, CS Threads, etc.  I was able to replicate the problem on the demo servers and noticed a previous bug report mentioning the problem.  And a comment stating it works as it should.   I don't see this as the case.  I sent Graham a link to the PB demo site I created 2007-12-11:  feel free to see the action first hand.

URLs are important to us.

Solution Summary
12/11/2007 6:28 pm

For xtopher's sanity: I've confirmed this bug.  URL extensions are not being added to URLs on Asset creation.

If I have time over the next few days, I may be able to fix it, but if anyone else has the time/tuits, please feel free to take it and run with it.

12/11/2007 11:11 pm

Here's the scoop.

The update method gets called four times.  Each time it is called, it calls the filter function, fixUrl.  So on the first pass, the URL is the assetId, as provided by new.  If urlExtension is selected, then it is appended to the URL.

The second time that fixUrl is called, the URL already has an extension, so no changes are made.  The third and fourth times fixUrl is called, these times with actual user data, $self->get('url') is not equal to the assetId (it is actually equal to the assetId + the extension), so the extension is not appended to the user data.


12/11/2007 11:32 pm

Fixed in 7.4.18

Checked with creating a new Article and editing an existing Article. 

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WebGUI / WRE Version 7.4.14 and PB DEMO Servers  
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