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Problems with thumbnails  (#3189)

Something I'm noticing on a live site, 7.3.18 and the current wre, but was unable to reproduce on a demo.

Updating an image's thumbnail actually creates a thumbnail of the thumbnail instead of updating the original image's thumbnail.

If you add an Image to a folder (using the Image link in the asset manager as opposed to file pile,etc) and set it's thumbnail to 200 and commit changes it adds fine. see pic1 attachment. However, if you then edit the image, and change the thumbnail to 100, it updates the original image to the first thumbnail and then creates a new thumbnail for the old thumbnail. see pic 2, and the original pic seems to be purged out of the asset manager.

Notice the same assetId, but a different original image size and different current file.

As I said, I could not reproduce this on demo. What could be causing this very strange behavior.

Susan B

(posted here as requested by frank in


Solution Summary
6/22/2007 2:28 am

Encountered this with 7.3.18 also - though it seems like any change to an uploaded image (even changing the template) seems to screw up the image and set it to the thumbnail.

Basically means you cannot edit an image after creating it initially or it'll get lost. 

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6/22/2007 8:52 pm

Fixed in 7.3.19.

There is no way to automatically fix this.  Any affected Image will need to be reloaded.   You don't need to Trash/Delete the existing Image, just upload the original file that's inside of it.  You can download a copy if you have the previous version of the Asset still around.

7/30/2007 10:10 pm

Sweet. Just ran into this problem. Adding descriptions to an image asset resized it. I was holding off from upgrading until 7.4 is dropped. Looks like im gonna upgrade tomorrow.


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WebGUI / WRE Version 7.3.18/0.7.2  
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