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Add to Cart button broken  (#3898)

Reporting as bug on; have not been able to test it elsewhere

If I click the Add to Cart button in the store on, instead of actually adding the item to the cart, I get sent to a page with a failsafe template that displays the product. Clicking the Add to Cart button again simply removes the button from the page, and leaves me at the same location. I have attached two screenshots.

So, basically, I can't add a product to the cart.

Solution Summary
6/25/2008 4:12 pm

So the other part of this bug that is an issue is that when you "add to cart" it does not take you to a blank screen with the Thank You message showing.

Instead, it just keeps returning you to the product screen and you aren't able to get the Thank You message to display anywhere.

7/9/2008 10:57 pm

I've fixed the portion of this bug that Tavis added. (add to cart and thank you message).

The portion of the bug that Kristi reports still exists.  It has to do with the style given to converted products.  On the page, is there a shelf or any shortcuts to the Products?

7/15/2008 8:03 pm

Final strokes.

Donation, FlatDiscount, Product and Subscription now have continue shopping url that takes them back to the Sku after they have added it to the cart.

The final fix for this bug would be to move the Product Import Node on to someplace with a nice style template, instead of the import node.

8/13/2008 4:28 pm

I created a new version on PB with the PB 2006 Store style for the product import node folder and that didn't change anything on the merchandise page. 

8/13/2008 4:48 pm

Actually Colin was correct.  Adding the PB 2006 Redesign - Store as the default style seems to have corrected the issue.  The reason I wasn't seeing that it corrected it was none of the items in Merchandise had their counts at zero.

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Date Submitted2008-06-23 
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WebGUI / WRE Version 7.5.13  
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