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untitled  (#9644)

I have a folder asset with a 256 (interesting) photos in it. And "all of a sudden" (I can't confirm this) our users are getting the following error: "stop running this script? a script on this page is causing interent explorer to run slowly if it continues to run, your computer my become unresponsive." ONLY when admin is turned on...

I looked at the source of the html, and there are no unusal scripts running. It happens to me in IE7, and FF2

I've also changed the pagelayout to webgui's default template called "failsafe" and it still happens, so it appears to be pointing at the "admin on"

I'm unsure to what to look for at this point. I did NOT look at the logs, as it seems that this is client side scripting.

Solution Summary
2/2/2009 8:19 pm
Sorry about the title.. Please change to "limit on number of items in folder?" or whatever you think is appropriate.
2/2/2009 10:45 pm
I've been looking at the image folder more closely in the assetHistory table. large groups of images have been modified, on following dates: 2/2, 1/29, 12/10, and specifically I looked at templateids, image parameters, extra head tags. Nothing changed, just the actual file from what I can tell. They are all using the default Image template.

But like I said, the "script" only causes problem when the admin is on.
2/3/2009 10:00 pm
I googled for that error message, and found these URLS:
It's a Windows issue.  It was even suggested that it was indicative of some virus running on the computers.
Closing as not a WebGUI bug.
Resolved by perlDreamer
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Submitted Byelnino 
Date Submitted2009-02-02 
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Date Assigned2019-08-22 
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Severity Minor (annoying, but not harmful)  
What's the bug in? WebGUI Stable  
WebGUI / WRE Version 7.5.24  
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4:00 AM
Resolved perlDreamer
2:16 AM
Ticket created elnino
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