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Upgrade 7.5.40 to 7.6.20  (#10280)


we try to upgrade 7.5.40 to 7.6.20 and run into trouble with the upgrade script 7.5.40 to 7.6.11:

        Adding URL column to assetHistoryDone.
        Removing 'Do Nothing On Delete workflow if not customized... Done.
        Fixing 'is public' on templatesDone.
        Adding Sort Order to Folder... Done.
        Adding login time statistics... Done.
        Adding Post Received Template ID field for CS...Done.
        Giving a user choice about which type of redirect they'd like to perform... DONE!
        Allowing badges to have multiple prices set by date.Done.
        Adding warning when editing default templates... DONE!
        Adding AdHocMailGroups to Groups.. DONE!
        Making admin console pluggable... DONE!
        Restructuring asset configuration... DONE!
        Deleting AdminBar templates... DONE!
        Repairing broken Products that were imported... DONE!
        Deleting old unused templates... Done.
        Adding binary export extensions to config file... Done.
        Adding exportMetaData and maxEntriesPerUser columns to Thingy_things table... Done.
        Adding comments asset aspect...Done.
        Adding comments aspect to wiki...Done.
        Adding asset discovery service...Done.
        Correcting the Manage Workflow link in configuration file... DONE!
        Adding a pre-text property to Thingy fields... DONE!
        Adding organization and email to address book... DONE!
        Allow content managers to change the default pagination in the search asset... DONE!
        Upgrading to YUI 2.6... DONE!
        Making the UsersOnline macro available... DONE!
        Adding the Extras field for profile fields... DONE!
        Adding Workflow to DataForm... DONE!
        Installing the DataTable asset... DONE!
        Installing the AjaxI18N content handler... DONE!
        Installing the SiteIndex content handler... DONE!
        Adding last updated field to all assets... DONE!
        Creating an additional profile field 'showOnline' for the UsersOnline macro... DONE!
        Upgrading syndicated content assets... DONE!
        Removing caseInsensitiveOS flag from config... Done.
        Adding support for versionTagMode...Finished
        Migrating surveys to new survey system...DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Duplicate entry '4XSn0vYJq-i1OZ2R7nv9MQ' for key 1 at ../lib/WebGUI/SQL/ line 137.

And in the webgui.log

2009/04/28 13:43:16 - FATAL - - WebGUI::SQL::ResultSet::execute[137] - Couldn't execute prepared statement: insert into Survey_response values(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?) : With place holders: l36N8E_rCy6hYXqSaprFhA, 4XSn0vYJq-i1OZ2R7nv9MQ, 3, ,, 1139324963, 0, 0, , {}.  Root cause: Duplicate entry '4XSn0vYJq-i1OZ2R7nv9MQ' for key 1


A quickfix for us might be to remove the survey (since it is just for test purpose) but maybe this is  interesting for you to know about.


Solution Summary
5/4/2009 2:53 am
After removal of that survey we could get by and the upgrade went great.
6/9/2009 8:45 am
I should mention that in the gotchas something is mentioned at 7.6.4:

  * The Survey system has been completely updated.  Please make sure you
    create full backups of your survey results and export them as needed.
    Results will not be imported into the new Survey system.  Your old surveys
    will be imported into the new survey system.
6/9/2009 10:55 am
I'm not sure that's the problem, bartjol.  The problem is that it looks like the upgrade script tried to put the Survey_response data in there twice.  Almost like the upgrade script ran once, died, and then was run again without restoring from backup.
8/6/2009 10:14 pm
Closing bug as unable to reproduce.
Resolved by perlDreamer
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Submitted Byerik.svanberg 
Date Submitted2009-04-28 
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What's the bug in? WebGUI Stable  
WebGUI / WRE Version 7.6.20  
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Resolved perlDreamer
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