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WRE Build patch for Ubuntu/AMD64

This patch file allows the WRE source to be built on a 64-bit Ubuntu system (tested under Hardy Heron). Instructions for use:

  1. Get the wrebuild source and unarchive
  2. Put the patch file in wrebuild directory with the script
  3. Patch the file (patch -p0 <
  4. Follow instructions for building WRE as found in wiki -- WRE-Building

Please post any problems you encounter as comments to this thread. Use at your own risk! Plain Black does not support 64-bit platforms yet.

System Requirements

You'll need to install the following Ubuntu libraries:

  • build-essential
  • ncurses-dev
3pvanthony: "Could not locate the download file. Please place the file in the bazaar."
5pvanthony: "Thanks for the upload."
3jdan: "This patch file is correct for 0.8.3 version of WRE. Not for actual 0.8.4.
Many thanks for author."
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