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WebGUI Macros Documentation

A 20+ page document covering 32 WebGUI macros. Included are screenshots and instructions for using each.

Macros covered in this document:
Account, Admin Bar, Admin Text, Admin Toggle, Ad Space, Areas of Interest Rank, Asset Proxy, Can Edit Text, Cart Item Count, Company Email, Company Name, Company URL, Date, Editable Toggle, Environment Variable, Execute, Extras, Fetch, Mime Type, FileURL, Form Parameter, Gateway URL, Group Add, Group Delete, Group Text, Home Link, Include, International, Karma, Last Modified, Login Box, Login Toggle, Make Page Printable, Mini Cart, New Mail, Page, Page Title, Page URL, Quote, Random Asset Proxy, Random Thread, Root Title, Session ID, Spacer, Splat_random, SQL, Thumbnail, URL Encode, User, User ID, Username, View Cart, Widget

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