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WebGUI iPhoto Plugin

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to get your photos into WebGUI galleries? Well now there is. With this simple iPhoto plugin you can upload entire albums from your computer to WebGUI without leaving the comfort of iPhoto on your laptop or desktop.

iPhone: Now you can get a free iPhone version of this app. The iPhone app only uploads 1 photo at a time, but otherwise works in much the same manner as this iPhoto plugin. Click here to open the app in the iTunes store.

Also check out the Google Picasa version of this app.

System Requirements

This plugin requires iPhoto '08 or higher, and the web services that come with WebGUI 7.6 or higher.

Release Notes for Version 1.0.2 (open) (9/1/2010)

Today we have open sourced this plugin. Download it for free or get the source code:


Removes the dialogs that pop up between each photo upload.


The first public release.

5roryzweistra: "Just got it installed and I love it! It was so easy to create a new album and upload the photos to it. This is a must have for all WebGUI users that want a easy way to upload their pictures to a WebGUI Gallery.

Great job, guys."
5sduensin: "Fantastic!  This is one of the "holy grails" I've been waiting for!"
5tavis.parker: "Very slick! I am glad the dialog boxes are gone in version 1.0.2 because that was the only issue I had with the initial release. Great job guys!!!!"
DownloadWebGUI-iPhoto-v1.0.2.dmg WebGUI-iPhoto-v1.0.2.dmg
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Updated: 9/1/2010
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