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Visual IOB

The In Out Board is a great asset, but it's one of those whose original template is a little bit simple. The Visual IOB template utilizes HTML::Expr to break out people into different categories based on one of 4 options-

  1. In
  2. Out
  3. Home
  4. Lunch

This makes it much easier to see at a quick glance how many people are actually busy working, how many are at Wendy's grabbing a burger, how many are out to the doctor, and how many are home for the day.

The zip file includes the following-

  • The visual-iob.wgpkg file
  • An HTML folder, containing all of the graphics used, the CSS and HTML for the template
  • A Design folder, containing photoshop files used to create the graphics

In addition, the columns used in the design will either position themselves neatly next to one another, or will form orderly rows depending on the space alotted to them. The attached screenshots show the template used in designs with different amounts of available space.

To install the template, simply go to the Asset Manager and select the visual-iob.wgpkg file as a package to import.

System Requirements
  • Server must have HTML::Expr enabled
  • IOB must be set to the following options - In, Out, Home, Lunch. These can be easily changed within the template.
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Updated: 9/1/2010
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