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Theme: Victoria

Jump to the highest point you can on the shore of the North Sea, and leave a pair of footprints on the sunset lit beach... beauty... freedom... Victoria.


  1. coded in XHTML strict (validated)
  2. cross-browser compatible (tested)
  3. two dynamic navigation, enable multiple site


User Guide

  1. From your WebGUI backend, create folder Root>Themes
  2. Import the WebGUI package (.wgpkg file) into Root>Themes, then it becomes a folder called Victoria
  3. Change your Style Template to victoriaStyle
  4. Sit back and enjoy your website!


Notice: due to browser transparent-png support, the featured navigation can look a bit strange with the footprint picture. This happens only with IE6 and lower.

Leave a comment if you find any defects or have any questions; or send me an email:


Ning - Pluton IT

System Requirements

WebGUI 7.5+

Release Notes for Version 1 (8/20/2009)

Built on WebGUI 7.6.30 stable.

Tested on IE 7; Firefox 3; and Safari.

0JT: "I think you want to update your keywords to put commas between them"
4ning: "Thanks, JT. This helps!"
Downloadvictoria.wgpkg victoria.wgpkg
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Updated: 8/20/2009
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