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Theme: Vanero

This is a theme from OSWD, designed by Teun van Vegchel, enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning. The original HTML and CSS file can be downloaded following the OSWD link in the templates. 

How to use it?

This theme is specifically designed for bi-lingual site. Follow the steps below you will make a bi-lingual site with easy and user friendly switches between the two language branches. Those steps take an example of an English/Dutch website, but you can specify your own languages.

  1. Change the URL of your Home page from home to home_en, for this page will serve as the top of the English branch;
  2. Create a new page layout directly under Root, give it a name Home2 (or whatever you want) and URL home_nl, for this page will serve as the top of the Dutch branch;
  3. Apply to both branches (by way of "editing branch") the style template "Vanero_style_page", for it is the general style of every page;
  4. Apply to the Home page the style template "Vanero_style_en" and to the Home2 page the style template "Vanero_style_nl";
  5. Then it is done!

Important Note

  • If you want to specify other URL for the top of branches (e.g. to replace home_en with home_fr), please go to the "Vanero_style_en" and "Vanero_style_nl" template and change the links within <ul id="submenu"> accordingly, otherwise the navigation cannot function correctly.
  • This style uses small page containers and therefore only fits for small site with less than six pages per language branch, and one level navigation. 
  • This theme is tested both in Firefox and IE. Please feel free to use it and make changes. Smile Let me know if you find any defects or have any questions.  


System Requirements

Please be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.

4koen: "
Ning, this looks good, the link to OSWD is not going to perhaps you should edit that. 

Koen de Jonge - ProcoliX
Hosting - WebGUI - Virtualization
3ning: "
Thanks, Koen. I've fixed this problem and now it should direct to the right site. Also in Theme: City-in-Paint.

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