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Theme: Touching

This is a theme from OSWD, designed by Fatma, enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning.

This theme is simple and touching, as its name puts. Please feel free to download and deploy it to your heart's delight.

Leave a comment if you find any defects or have any questions; or send me an email:


Ning - Pluton IT

System Requirements

For style/content management: WebGUI 7.5+;

For viewing: XHTML 1.0 compliant; CSS 2 compliant.


Release Notes for Version 1 (8/7/2009)

Coded in XHTML strict and is validated with both XHTML validator and CSS validator (from W3schools). Built on platform of WebGUI 7.6.29 stable. Tested in IE6, Firefox 3 and Safari.

Downloadtouching.wgpkg touching.wgpkg
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Views: 3837
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Updated: 8/7/2009
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