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Theme: Greenportal

A Joomla! Open Source design released under the GNU/GPL License. Enhanced and converted into WebGUI theme by Ning. The original PHP and CSS file can be downloaded following the author's link:


This is a real "package" with nearly all types of templates working together to provide your site with a consistent make up. Including the following:

1. Basics

  • images
  • .css
  • a style template

2. Navigation

  • a main menu: navigation and its template
  • a top crumb menu bar: navigation and its template

3. Data Form

  • a dataform template
  • a dataform/list template
  • a dataform (acknowledgment) template

4. Collaboration System

  • a message board template
  • a forum template
  • two collaboration/thread template (thread and submission)
  • a collaboration/postform template
  • a collaboration/search template

5. Calendar

  • a calendar/month template
  • a calendar/week template
  • a calendar/day template
  • a calendar/event template
  • a calendar/eventedit template
  • a calendar/search template

Most of the templates of DataForm, CollaborationSystem and Calendar provide the same function as WebGUI default templates, but of a different font/color scheme. Applying all the templates gives you an overall consistent style. For example, if you get a whole package of WebGUI demo site (including every customized asset), then this package gets all of them only except for Wiki.

Important Notes:

  1. The calendar/month template gives a small 175px*175px look.  Compared with the default template's 600px*600px look, this one is more tidy to be put on a page with other contents.
  2. Since the canlendar/month template is confined with a small size, it's hard to integrate all functions. So I removed the lengthy 12-month link and replaced it with only links go to the previous/next month. But here is a problem: WebGUI has no variable supporting this function, so for now they will lead you to the previous/next year! Hope someone can help me fix it.


System Requirements

Please be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.

3koen: "
Ning, I really like this style and I must say you implemented the WebGUI version absolutely great.


Koen de Jonge - ProcoliX
Hosting - WebGUI - Virtualization
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Updated: 12/14/2009
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