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Theme: CrystalX

CrystalX gives your site a crystal-ish look and a strictly formal style. Feel free to download and apply it to your own site.

Originally designed by "Nuvio Webdesign" and collected by Open Source Web Design, converted to WebGUI theme by Ning.


  1. XHTML-strict source code validated
  2. cross-browser compatible
  3. two level dynamic YUI navigation
  4. a horizontal trail navigation
  5. embedded site search with styled search template


User Guide

  1. From your WebGUI backend, create folder Root>Themes
  2. Import the WebGUI package (.wgpkg file) into Root>Themes, then it becomes a folder called CrystalX (Don't forget to edit its Metadata tab: Make package? --> No)
  3. Change your page Style Template to CrystalX_style
  4. Sit back and enjoy your website!



  1. The height of the navigation bar is fixed, which means that you cannot have more tabs in the menu than can be displayed within the bar. This also ensures that the submenu will work properly.
  2. For some reason, navigation (only when using the 2nd level) and page layout (only with right column) are displayed a bit strange in Safari if page not refreshed properly. If someone knows the reason please let me know. Thanks!



Ning - Pluton IT

System Requirements

WebGUI 7.5+

Release Notes for Version 1 (10/6/2009)

Built on WebGUI 7.6.35 stable.

Tested okay on IE 6-7, Firefox 3; tested unstable on Safari.

4ning: "Anybody found out why the 2nd level navigation is working a bit strange in Safari?
If the reason is found in my file, I'd really like to patch it :-)"
0kristi: "Hi. I really like this design, but I'm finding that over time, the white text in the navigation tabs turns black. I'm working in firefox. Is this intentional?"
Downloadcrystalx.wgpkg crystalx.wgpkg
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Updated: 10/6/2009
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