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Theme: Chameleon

Chameleon, defenitely not negative here. This template gives you seven different color schemes to choose from, and this is where it gets its name. The style is not strictly business, but it fits for a personal/informal-business use. Feel free to download and apply it to your own site.

Note: the screen shots show the first 3 color themes as they are, and the last 4 are put as half-half screen (due to the limit of max 5 screenshots). All patterns and palettes within this theme are taken from COLOURlovers.


  1. XHTML-strict validated
  2. css validated
  3. cross-browser compatible
  4. two dynamic navigations, one featured with pattern
  5. seven different color schemes up to your choice (orange, black, blue, cream, green, purple and yellow)


User Guide

  1. From your WebGUI backend, create folder Root>Themes
  2. Import the WebGUI package (.wgpkg file) into Root>Themes, then it becomes a folder called Chameleon
  3. Choose your favorite color scheme among the seven, copy its css file name from folder Root>Themes>Chameleon>colors
  4. Go to folder Root>Themes>Chameleon, open (edit) Style Template chameleonStyle, and paste the css file name (see below in bold; overwrite the old name) as field href="^/;chameleon_orange.css" in tag <link> below comment <!-- **** colour scheme stylesheet **** -->
  5. Change your Style Template to chameleonStyle
  6. Sit back and enjoy your website!

Tip: change the css file name directly in Firebug and see the immediate result. In case you want to apply another color scheme, just redo step 3 and 4.

Notice: due to color-deviation, the featured navigation can look a bit deviated from the original color scheme. This happens only in Safari with certain colors.


Leave a comment if you find any defects or have any questions; or send me an email:


Ning - Pluton IT

System Requirements

WebGUI 7.5+

Release Notes for Version 1 (8/20/2009)

First Release.

Built on WebGUI 7.6.34 stable. Tested okay with IE6, IE7, Firefox3 and Safari.

Downloadchameleon.wgpkg chameleon.wgpkg
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Updated: 8/20/2009
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