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Attention, this pdf has been secured by a password and cannot be printed or edited.

If you would like to purchase a printed version, please let me know here or via e-mail.

Due to a generous karma gift from DBell the primer is now free for allways and ever.


Let op, deze pdf is beveiligd met een wachtwoord en kan daardoor niet geprint of aangpast worden.

Bij voldoende animo zal ProcoliX de Primer als print aanbieden, laat dat even weten in de bazaar of via de e-mail.

System Requirements

Dutch reading skills.

Release Notes for Version 1 (10/15/2009)

The translation may not always be as good as you would like, but at least it is in Dutch. Now free for everyone, due to generous karma gift from DBell.


Deze vertaling is misschien niet helemaal super, maar het is tenminste Nederlands.

5dapperedodo: "Heel fijn om een nederlandse vertaling te hebben!"
4TheSeparator: "Ik zou heel graag een papieren versie hebben, handig bij het verspreiden van de WebGUI filosofie in Limburg en Vlaanderen !

4TheSeparator: "eMail verzonden, Bazaar accepteerd vooralsnog alleen creditcars en geen Karma.
5koen: "The primer is now Free, due to a generous karma gift from DBell."
0robbert: "It says: You don't have permission to download this."
2roryzweistra: "Download isn't working :("
1arjan: "Free for everyone, but I don't have permission to download it. Has some insidious mind connected this message to my userId? And Rory's? And Robberts? What is it that we have in common? And do I want to know?"
2koen: "I have no idea, for me it works, and it's price is 0. Please report this as a bug. "
0kristi: "I had no problem downloading it. I'll look around some more and see if something changed in the permissions."
DownloadPrimer-NL-7.4.pdf Primer-NL-7.4.pdf
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