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POP3 Webmail

When installing this, you will have a webmail application directly within webgui. Send and receive emails in the comfort of your webbrowser.


System Requirements

Build on webgui: 7.7.21-stable

Should work on newer versions in the 7.7 and 7.8 branches.

Not compatible with the 7.6 branch.

Release Notes for Version 1 (7/17/2010)

First version of the WebGui webmailer system, workable but still need more features.

Current features:

  • Sending Email
  • Retrieving emails from pop3
  • Replying to emails
  • Email stationaries / templates
  • Saving sent mails.
  • Templateable.
Downloadpop3webmailer-peter-bryde.tar.gz pop3webmailer-peter-bryde.tar.gz
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Updated: 7/17/2010
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