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Parent Macro


I needed a little macro to put into my template that would provide a link just up one level. While I could do this with a assetproxy and navigation asset, it can be costly and cumbersome for maintenance.


returns the URL of the current asset's parent

returns the title of the current asset's parent

returns a hyperlink of the current asset's parent. the hyperlink's text is the title.


Screen shot is an example of usage with an added image and custom link text used in a custom Folder File template.


<img src="/extras/assets/small/folder.gif" class="wg-icon" alt="<tmpl_var title>" />
<a href="^Parent('url');" title="up">Up a level</a>


System Requirements

developed on 7.7.28

Release Notes for Version 1 (8/28/2010)

First Release. Meets my needs =)

0elnino: "It's up to the content manager to test and make sure you don't bring people to places you don't want them to be.."


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