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non-browsable File Folder FTP template

This will the hide the listing of files in a folder unless "admin is turned on", but will display the subfolders. The template can be easily modified to hide them as well.

For the reasoning behind this insanity, please see my wiki:


System Requirements

Developed on 7.7.28

Release Notes for Version 2 (8/31/2010)

fixed relative paths for both ^Parent(url); and ^Parent(nice);

from this:
return $myparent->get('url');
to this:
return '/'.$myparent->get('url');

and from this:
       return '<a href="'.$myparent->get('url').'">'.$myparent->get("title").'</a>';
to this:
       return '<a href="/'.$myparent->get('url').'">'.$myparent->get("title").'</a>';

0elnino: "In the template, I choose not to hide the macro. So it's up to the administrator to test and make sure you don't bring people to places you don't want them to be..

Or you can surround the macro call with:

<tmpl_if session.var.adminOn>

<img src="/extras/assets/small/folder.gif" class="wg-icon" alt="<tmpl_var title>" />
<a href="&#94;Parent('url');" title="up">Up a level</a>


With the above code, it will only appear if admin is turned on.

4TheSeparator: "Very interesting and a fine illustration of the flexibility of WebGUI!"
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