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I felt the original style 03 theme was oversized for my liking, so I attempted to install other themes that  could utilize the same site nav navigation template used in Style 03.

I could  not get navigation to work exactly the same on the other themes I imported, so I decided to take a stab at creating a new style-3.

I am a novice at editing templates and style sheets, so the changes made are fairly simple. Most unwanted images were simply renamed in css03.css, so I would know exactly where to place new images.

Css03.css and Style-3 are the only files changed in this theme.

System Requirements

This package was created on WebGUI 7.5.38-stable. Not sure if it will work on older versions

Release Notes for Version 1 (1/12/2009)

Importing the new theme should overwrite style 03 , and css03.css with the modified version.


Downloadnew-webgui-7-style-3.wgpkg new-webgui-7-style-3.wgpkg
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