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mp3 popup player

This is the js and file template I created from the instructions here:

To install:
Create a File Template named "mp3". Template provided as mp3file.tmplt

Create a snippet with a url of /soundpop.js, type should be text/javascript. Contents of this javascript file is attached as soundpop.txt.

To Use:
Put this on your pagelayout metadata "extra head elements":

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="soundpop.js" mce_src="soundpop.js"></script>

upload file assets to page, and give them the template of "mp3"
then when you click on your mp3 file, a popup window will appear and will play the mp3 file immediately.


NOTE from original developer:
Currently, every window will open at the top of the screen. To stagger new windows downward, remove the first two slashes in the second-to-last line, following the phrase “UniqueID + 1”. I also experimented with setting the UniqueID variable to equal the value of soundfilepath. That prevented subsequent clicks on the same link from opening duplicate versions of the pop-up. However, Internet Explorer was not able to resolve a window ID with the long soundfilepath text string. A workaround would be to send the ID as a third variable.

System Requirements

template and js file as provided.

Release Notes for Version 1 (8/3/2010)

This was created for a 7.4.40 install. I have no reason to believe that this wouldn't work on other versions of webgui.

3koen: "Who posted this?"
0elnino: "I believe I did, I've soundpop before, but it's been awhile."
Downloadsoundpop.txt soundpop.txt
mp3file.tmplt mp3file.tmplt
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