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Macro PickLanguage

this macro takes all installed languages and makes a link to call the setlanguage contentHandler to set it to that language. The link text is the label of that language in the own language.

Will only have use when contenthandler setlanguage is installed (7.8.x, x>1)

System Requirements

SetLanguage contentHandler

Release Notes for Version 2 (10/13/2009)

added templating. available are:

lang_loop a loop that runs through all languages

within the loop the following tmpl_var's are available:

language.url the url to set the WebGUI language

language.lang a label with the language in that language

language.langAbbr a label with the abbreviated language

language.langAbbrLoc a label with the local abbreviation for the language


These changes are not tested and causes the first test to fail

0bartjol: "also available via git: git://"
0bartjol: "after testing, the new version will also get on git, for now, only the old version without template vars is available on git"
0bartjol: "planning is to include flags as tmpl_vars"
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Updated: 10/13/2009
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