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Google sitemap

this is a simple package to generate a google sitemap. This one is available @ yoursite/config.xml. Generated file are in 0.9 scheme like :


you should edit sitemap_template_navigation to adjust time to your datetime zone, hope this help. The changefreq field have been set to daily, this one is optional. You should also read this

Version 3 fix the LastModified bug, so you need to install a new macro provided here called LastModifiedById. Remember that you need to modify Webgui.conf to Allow this macro and restart the modperl server.

4koen: "
Perhaps a link to google might be in place here.

I have downloaded and put this package into my WebGUI site.

What is the page_layout called google_sitemap_layout used for? 

Koen de Jonge - ProcoliX
Hosting - WebGUI - Virtualization
4eskan: "
thanks for reply,

this layout isn't used so i remove it. I also addlink like you suggested.
4koen: "
Perhaps it might also be a good idea to tune the how often does your page change a bit.

Daily might look good, but I wouldn't  be surprized if google would give a penalty for not actually changing that page daily.

Koen de Jonge - ProcoliX
Hosting - WebGUI - Virtualization
3lrobinson: "
Does the LastModified macro call do what you wanted here?

As far as I can see, it gives the date the sitemap navigation asset was created, not the modification date of the asset described inside the <loc> tags.

3sge: "Having the same problem with the LastModified macro"
0eskan: "Bug with LastModified macro was fixed.
About priority and change freq, this will need to add field to Asset. An idea was to set priority with Asset depth, let me know."
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