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Flash Macro

You simply use this macro as follows:

Simply place the following code into your html:

^Flash("/images/yourFile.swf",200,30,"8,0,0,0","inputTxt=^D("%c %D, %y");");

What this allows you to do is add additional information/variables to the flash code without rewriting it time and time again.

In the code above it breaks up as follows:

^Flash("the file location",width,height,"flash version","additional variable(ie. the variable above passes the date macro into my flash object to a dynamic text box)");

The nice thing about this macro is you can plug in as many additional variables as you need.

PS: I have also included the .js file we use to make this macro work at its full potential. You will have to put the following code right before the closing body tag on any page you use this macro on for it to use the .js file...

Put the following code before the closing body tag:
<script language="JScript" type="text/jscript" src="/images/ClickFix.js"></script>

*Note: You will have to change the src to where you have the ClickFix.js located

System RequirementsPlease be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.
4scslowik: "We am using CoffeeCup WebVideoPlayer / Flash Creator.

It requires that we upload myvideoplayer.swf, myvideoplayer.xml,
myvideoplayer.html and the support files under
/myvideo_files/(background images (jpgs) and .flv files).

I would like to upload the files as WebGUI (7.3.13) assets (and use them with
your added to the Macros directory and added Flash to the config file.It seems that it may be a file path/access issue, but we can't seem to get it working.

Any suggestions?"
4dionak: "Did you restart the server?
DownloadClickFix.js ClickFix.js
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