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Drop and Flyout Navigations

Add drop-down navigation and flyout menus to your website. This includes basic CSS and the template for navation. Import the package and use ^AssetProxy to include this in Styles. The hard-work of creating the Template logic has been completed for you. The template supports up to 3 levels deep in navigation.

The included screenshot demonstrates a horizontal drop nav as seen on the current  

Alter the CSS and template as needed. 


Knowmad Technologies

System Requirements

Please be advised: this contribution was tested with something older than WebGUI 7.5. When this contribution was uploaded there was no field for the author to fill out regarding it's requirements.

4fathertorque: "Any screenshot or preview link?Thanks!"
2arjan: "
Hi Diona,

Looks nice! I noticed however that on Firefox, on Ubuntu anyway, the flash animation is arranged above the menu. I had a screenshot, but cannot attach it in a reply.

Just  so you know. It might be difficult to change that.


Kind regards,

Arjan Widlak

United Knowledge
Internet for the public sector

Wij zoeken een Linux/Debian systeembeheerder.  
3dionak: "
Thanks for the heads-up Arjan. Did you see this on the WG demo template or the example site? If you could let us know how to reproduce, that would be helpful. We'll have to look into this as time permits. It is probably a z-index issue with the Flash.

We'll post an update when we have a fix but for 99% of users, this should work as it currently exists. It's intended as an improvement to the Dynamic Drive flyout menus included in core. We found the current default drop menu didn't work for most clients, hence this contribution.

Contributions are also welcome, if anyone improves the implementation. 



Knowmad Technologies
2gso125: "Hi

I tried the vert. menus and they are sticky, they don't flow smoothly. They are on the site. I probably need to set sometime up correctly. If you have any Ideas on what needs to be done let me know. Thanks"
3limedzeze: "Hi,
I am using something similar to this. However, I would like the main sections (ie. Programs & Services, Patient Resources using your example site) to stay highlighted once you are on any web page within that section. Do you know how one would do this?

5BkMackey: "This is a great package, saved me in a pinch!  (I am using an older version of WG on Windows, though.)"
Downloaddrop-menu-system.wgpkg drop-menu-system.wgpkg
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