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ContentHandler SetLanguage

This contentHandler sets a scratch variable that changes the WebGUI language of the session. It checks whether a Language given as an option and whether it is installed, in both cases it will return undef if the check is negative.

It is just a loose contentHandler, so it is usable in self-set url's by putting:


where mylanguage can be every installed language and delete to remove the scratch variable from the session

Install guide:

Add it to a lib/WebGUI/Content dir (when custom, put it in preload.custom)

The handler has to be added to the config file ( I did it before the AjaxI18N entry, which works for me)

and the less glorious bit:

change line 95 in lib/WebGUI/ from:

    $language =  $language || $self->{_language};


    $language = $self->session->scratch->get('language') || $language || $self->{_language};

This last piece will break during upgrade while is replaced, but is easy to fix.

No test have been made (yet) and the use is at your own risk :)

Author BartJol

Release Notes for Version 2 (8/21/2009)

added comments in the code

0bartjol: "This feature will be included in WebGUI 7.8, with documentation. Users of older versions can ofcourse still use this. For the implemented (and altered version) tests have been made."
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Updated: 8/21/2009
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