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CodeMirror: Codearea syntax highlighting and auto-indent

This package adds CodeMirror to the WebGUI::Form::Codearea control. CodeMirror is a javascript-based syntax highlighter and auto-indenter with support for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It supports mixing CSS and JS into your HTML as well.

To install, untar the package from your WebGUI root directory (usually /data/WebGUI). Run the patch as follows:

cd /data/WebGUI; patch -p0 < patches/7.6.1-add-codemirror-to-codearea.patch

Then restart Apache and try it out!

Release Notes for Version 0.1-7.6.1 (10/12/2008)

This release was tested with current SVN Head (as of the release date). The included patch may or may not work with different versions. If the patch fails, let me know and I will try to fix it for your version.

Download7.6.1-add-codemirror-to-codearea.tar.gz 7.6.1-add-codemirror-to-codearea.tar.gz
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Updated: 10/11/2008
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