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Bloo theme

This theme is called "Bloo", for the obvious reasons: the dominant color is blue and I couldn't think of a better name. The theme features:

  • 1 style, 1 layout, 1 navigation and 2 article templates,
  • Cufon font replacement on headers and navigation, using (open source font) Junction,
  • a flyout navigation,
  • a footer that sticks to the bottom of the window,
  • a grid based design,
  • a stylesheet with background and color properties grouped, for easy customization,
  • tested in Firefox 3, IE5, 6, 7 and 8beta, Safari 3 and Chrome and works fine in all those browsers,
  • valid HTML & CSS.


This theme is licensed under the GNU GPL v2, with exeption of the Cufon code (MIT license) and the Junction font (SIL Open Font License).


How to use this theme:

You can apply this theme to your WebGUI site in a few simple steps:

  • Import the package (to /root),
  • edit your homepage and set the style template to "Bloo style",
  • do the same for the user function style in Settings > UI.
  • replace the file /bloo-images/logo.png with your own logo.
  • edit the text in the footer (/bloo-theme/bloo-footer),
  • now you can use any templates for the content, but the theme's own layout and article templates will probably look best.


System Requirements

Though not tested in WebGUI versions lower that 7.6, this theme will probably work with 7.4 and 7.5 as well.

Release Notes for Version 1 (8/11/2010)

If you need support, please post to the design forum.

3ning: "This is a simple and nice theme :-)
I like the way you arranged the Login Toggle, very creative.

Would be nicer if the main navigation doesn't float off the header area when getting longer. Maybe use a smaller font size?"
4rogier: "Yes, that would be nicer :-) I'll try to make the nav more robust when I have time; maybe move it to below the logo.

Congrats on first place in the contest!"
5tavis.parker: "Great job! We need to keep building up a collection of nice styles like this so that WebGUI is attractive to new users who like WebGUI but aren't designers. :)"
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Updated: 8/10/2010
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