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Locked out of WebGUI

There are a couple of cases where you might lock yourself out of WebGUI by making poor administrative decisions. Luckily, this doesn't mean you need to start over, there is a way out of it.

The first situation is where you forget your admin password, and you did not register an email address with the account so you can't recover that information. To fix this we can update the database directly.

NOTE: Whenever you're updating the database directly make a backup of the database first.

mysql -uwebgui -ppassword -e "update authentication set fieldData='RvlMjeFPs2aAhQdo/xt/Kg' where userId=3 
and authMethod='WebGUI' and fieldName='identifier'" www_example_com

NOTE: Replace 'webgui' and 'password' and 'www_example_com' with your own database information. You can find that in your WebGUI config file.

The second case is when you forget to put a way to log in into your site style. In this case you can use the WebGUI URLs to come to your rescue.

You can type the following to get a login box:

Or you can log in directly with:;method=login;username=Admin;identifier=123qwe

And once you've logged in you can turn admin mode on by typing:

And you can go to the asset manager by typing:


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