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adding a new site to existing webgui installation

This was written using webgui 7.4.40, wre .8.4

It's as simple as promised:

  1. /data/wre/sbin/
  2. /data/wre/sbin/ --restart all
  3. go to the site, and follow instructions.

It'll do all the stuff for you:

  • vhost
  • creates a db
  • install awstats
  • and everything else wre does.

commandline options

--adminPassword    The password for the "root" in your MySQL database.

--databaseUser     The username you'd like created to access this site's database.

--databasePassword The password you'd like created to access this site's database.

--databaseName        The name of the database to create in MySQL (defaults to www_site_com for the domain

 --help           list of command line options

 --sitename         The name of the site you'd like to create. For example: or

 --var0-9           A series of variables you can use to pass arbitrary information into the site creation process. These variables will be exposed to all templates used to create this site.


document the var0-9 commandline option - I didn't understand it, I didn't use it.

Keywords: add multi-site WRE

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