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Plain Black Corporation

0Karma Pay Driver
This is a payment driver for WebGUI which allows users to pay for items in the shop using Karma instead of money.

0Visual-IOB---2.png Visual IOB
A new template to give the In Out Board a little more visual punch.

0Screen-shot-2011-05-06-at-4.24.59-PM.png Envolve Chat Macro
This enables the Envolve chat system in WebGUI.

5Picture-2.png WebGUI iPhoto Plugin
Upload entire albums from iPhoto on your Mac to your favorite WebGUI Photo Galleries.

5Picture-5.png WebGUI Macros Documentation
A 20+ page document covering 32 WebGUI macros. Included are screenshots and instructions for using each.

3Asset Checker Diagnostic Tool
This script allows you to look for broken assets as well as performance hogging assets in your site. For example, you might want to find out if some poorly performing SQL Reports are hindering site performance. perl --conf=www.ex

5Macro Runner
Put into your WebGUI/sbin folder and then you can use it to run macros you've written from the command line. This can be very valuable for testing macros. Use it like this: cd /data/WebGUI/sbin

0Screen-shot-2009-10-06-at-1.24.57-PM.png Picasa Plugin
A Google Picasa plugin for Windows that uploads to a WebGUI photo gallery.

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